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Bushfires - A Poem

In light of the horrific events that have plagued Australia in recent months during the 2019-2020 bushfire season, following the lack of federal government inaction, I thought that I would write a poem on bushfires and what the response has been.


The land is oh, so very dry,

The Sun burning high up in the sky. 

The land and its people prayed for rain, 

For years and years, they prayed for rain.


The seemingly lack of cool, refreshing water,

Only made it ever drier and leading to slaughter.

For all the money, thoughts and prayers,

There was no action and only brought on nightmares.


All it took, was a single spark,

As if the land had an insignificant birthmark.

But, you see, a single spark can grow,

And quickly engulf a plateau.


Yet, the land, which has been so parched,

Causes embers to grow, as if an army of fiery sparks has marched.

An army it is, to be fair,

One of death and destruction, of no compare.


But there’s nothing to worry, it’s only early Spring,

Just ignore those on the left-wing.

We’ve had fires before, after all,

So don’t listen to those on too much alcohol.


But alas, a fire has begun,

Earlier than usual and also burning a tonne,

The fire has already ensued,

But it’ll be over by Christmas, this fire of little magnitude.


So the fires are now out of control,

With the land taking quite the toll.

Houses are starting to burn now,

Animals are dropping dead now.


A crises the country is in,

With everything burning, including people’s skin.

Houses tumble right down to the ground,

Until there’s nothing left as if it was a battleground.


The Sun up high in the sky, is so very red,

As if it has bled.

The land covered in ashes and smoke,

Causing everyone, whether wealthy or destitute to choke.


Despite the crises up in their faces,

Those working at the papers deny it at their workplaces.

Everyone seems to be blamed,

Except for the ones that should be ashamed.


Ashamed of what their poor actions,

As well as their overreactions,

To the thing called the truth,

Which they dismiss to get votes at the booth.


Oh at how the world watches everything burns.

At how everything burns, from humanity to animals to ferns.

They are horrified, terrified, petrified,

As they watch the fires spread nationwide.


Losses, so many losses,

People and flora and fauna, yet ignored by the bosses.

Help may be promised at last,

But it comes so late that people are already aghast.


And in the end, you must ask,

Is it really enough?*




No, the answer’s no, it wasn’t actually a rhetorical question.

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inky State Library Victoria

Heartbreaking! An epic poem for epic times. Take care out there.

14th Jan, 20