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Presented by State Library Victoria

Asthma Awareness

Asthma is a disease that effects the Respiratory system which is the body system that makes humans breathe and thus, stay alive. It is important that the respiratory system functions normally for steady breathing. There are many symptoms for asthma with the most common one being shortness of breath, which is caused by the airways narrowing. Coughing is another common symptom and so is tightness of the chest and this can be quiet severe as it can leave the person dizzy and confused.

Asthma is a more common disease than some people may think, with around one in thirteen people having some degree of asthma. Asthma attacks can be very dangerous and at worse, fatal, so we have formulated a six step guide on helping people who may be going through an asthma attack, on the hope of raising awareness on being able to help people who are having an asthma attack and ways to help them.

Step no. 1 – Stay as calm as you can and try to help them to stay calm too.

Step no. 2 – Make them sit down and proceed to loosen any tight clothing and you should encourage them to take slow, steady breaths.

Step no. 3 – If they are yet to start to feel better, they should take more puffs of their reliever inhaler.

Step no. 4 – If they do not start to feel better after taking their inhaler and you are starting to get worried about the person with asthma, it may be necessary to call 000.

Step no. 5 – They should keep taking the reliever inhaler whilst waiting for the ambulance to arrive.

Step no. 6 – Once the ambulance arrives, it is important to inform the paramedics on the situation they are in, especially if you think the cause of the attack is from an allergic reaction.

Now that is the entire six-step plan on helping someone who may have had an asthma attack. We hope that this blood post has helped raise awareness and we have posted this exact same thing on Wattpad(yes, we know) here:

Thanks for reading, and remember to stay safe!




Good luck on your assignment. Your project was great! Are you doing the unit on the respiratory system?

16th Sep, 19

Yes, I am doing a unit on body systems for biology and the respiratory system was one of them.

16th Sep, 19

I also helped with this assignment.

18th Sep, 19